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Hi, I'm John.

John Weinstein For Allegheny County Executive


John is a lifelong resident of Allegheny County. Although he started his career in the private sector, he has followed his passion by committing to a career in public service.


​He has served as the elected Allegheny County Treasurer since 1999, and has been re-elected countywide to six (6) consecutive terms. John also serves as the President of the Retirement Board of Allegheny County and oversees the pension investment portfolio of nearly $1 billion. Furthermore, he oversees the collection, investment, and disbursement of over one billion dollars of county funds on a daily basis.

Among other notable achievements, John was awarded the Investment Policy Certificate of Excellence by the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. This is the tenth time that the Treasurer’s Investment Policy has won this prestigious honor. The County’s Investment Policy is distinguished and recognized as a comprehensive and well developed investment policy that exemplifies a solid fiduciary standard.

In addition, John has become a leader in green initiatives, implementing e-tax billing for Real Estate. He established e-pay, Real Estate, Alcohol and Rental Vehicle Taxes, as well as e-pay for Dog Licenses in Allegheny County. Treasurer Weinstein is committed to helping transform Allegheny County into a truly “Green” government.


John's Career Highlights

Saved Taxpayer Money

As Treasurer, John challenged the administration of Allegheny County’s inaugural Executive Jim Roddey and won the support of County Council to reduce the millage rate and save taxpayers over $11 million.

Real Estate Billing

Priorities of his first term included analyzing and capturing this opportunity, leading to Allegheny County becoming the first in the Commonwealth to introduce electronic billing and payment options.

Helped Senior Citizens

The Act 77 Senior Citizen Discount Program serves over 77,000 senior citizens within Allegheny County and is intended to help keep a particularly vulnerable demographic in their homes.

1st To Invest Online

Again recognizing the budding power of e-commerce, as Treasurer, John was a leader in introducing Bid Allegheny, the nation’s first investment program designed to harness the power of the internet. 

Advocate For Animals

In partnership with District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr., the pair launched the Allegheny Abused Animal Relief Fund (AAARF) to combat animal abuse within Allegheny County as well as provide for treatment and placement of its victims. 

Return Funds

Recognizing the lack of a coordinated resource, John introduced the effective Unclaimed Funds Program to locate, identify, and return unclaimed funds to taxpayers and vendors doing business with Allegheny County.

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